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Made in Prentice, Wisconsin, USA!

Multitek North America, LLC has put its 30+ years of experience as a leader in the manufacturing of industrial equipment to work developing an advanced line of Industrial Flameless Heaters. These technologically advanced heaters are capable of heating both air and liquid with a market leading efficiency of over 90%. Our Flameless Air heaters are designed to create and deliver a higher volume of clean dry air than other heaters can to the targeted environment.

No smelly or dangerous fumes are allowed into the air stream making them ideal for most any application. Because it’s flameless, the heat produced has little to no moisture making it ideal for different application of heating areas such as well sites, building construction, killing bed bugs, drying flooded buildings, new construction, or drying agricultural products.

The Multitek mission is to apply and develop the best technologies available in the marketplace to offer world class equipment across several sectors to supply customers the best possible solution related to their needs.

Multitek means industrious, reliable, technological, quality and innovation.

Multitek 300 KCA Air Heater
Multitek 600KCA Air Heater
Multitek 1.2MCA Air Heater
Multitek 600KCA Air Heater